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Endowment Fund IMPULS has been established to support projects focused on research, science, education and treatment of multiple sclerosis. For these purposes it provides charitable contributions to legal entities or natural persons. The contribution to a state purpose can be made in the form of money, material and the assignment or grant of rights.

Contributions may be donated to entities or individuals engaged in therapy, rehabilitation, research and propagation of awareness of demyelinating diseases, especially multiple sclerosis.

Deadline for application requests, which must be delivered in a written form, is 09/30 (for projects implemented in the following year). Requests should be sent to the address of IMPULS, Endowment Fund, Kateřinská 30, 128 08 Praha 2, Czech Republic.

Foundation grants and charitable contributions are allocated by the Board of Trustees which may request an independent expert assessment of the project.

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