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The Czech Republic belongs to countries with a high incidence of MS. Up to 700 people are newly diagnosed each year

Most of them are younger and middle aged people between 20 and 40 years. The exact total number of MS people in the CR is not known but the estimation is about 17,000. Approximately 10,000 of them are using the most advanced treatments, so called biological or disease-modifying drugs (DMD), that can reduce disease activity and disease progression in many cases.

According to the latest data from the Czech MS Registry (the only nationwide Czech Registry of patients with multiple sclerosis collecting data about the the disease since 2013) most of the patients come from Prague, Central and Northern Bohemia and Northern Moravia. Doctors attribute this to the degraded environment in this area.

MS is more common in women. As data from ReMuS Registry show, 72% of patients treated in the MS Centres in the Czech Republic are women and 28% are men. Almost 70% of the patients observed, are full time employed or part time employed, which is almost the same proportion as in the general Czech population. Approximately 32% of patients receive a degree 1 - 3 disability pension, more than half of the patients receive no social benefits.

ReMuS Registry shows that the average age of the onset of the disease was 30.6 years last year. The youngest patient was less than 4 years old at the time when the disease was diagnosed. The oldest was 67 years old. The most represented group in terms of degree of disability in the registry are patients with EDSS 1.5 - 2 which means only mild difficulties and only slight variations in the neurological findings.

ReMuS Registry analysis contains data from 8,353 patients (as of 06/30/2016) from the whole Czech Republic. It is almost a half of estimated number of all MS patients in the Czech Republic.

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