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Kniha Hleda se obalka 101Seeking for 16 thousand

Eva Vychodilová et al.

Published in Prague 2016.

IMPULS has decided to be the guarantor of stories of people whose common motto is: “I have multiple sclerosis, and I am not ashamed of it”. These are life stories of patients presented in the form of a book, and are framed in a nontraditional event during which they came into existence – the 16 days roadshow called “Seeking for 16 thousand”.

Each story should inspire other patients, give them trust and new buoyancy. And also to encourage their awareness, that it is possible to live a full life with multiple sclerosis and achieve all sorts of things.

The book was issued in the limited edition in Czech with an English annotation.

Price CZK 499 + postage and packing

Purchase can be connected with voluntary donation in favor of patients with MS.
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