Body Meets the Soul

Community program "Body meets the soul" has been running continuously with support by IMPULS since 2010, under the guidance of experienced healthcare professionals of MS Center at the Department of Neurology, 1st Faculty of Medicine at Charles University and General University Hospital in Prague, and external psysicians.

Main target of the program is to teach patients how to get better in understanding the psychosomatic correlations and increase their self-efficacy in order to manage symptoms of the disease, support their mental health, increase the efficiency of treatment and delay their disability. All this is achieved by various rehabilitation strategies.

The program is designed as a three-day stay with twenty patients. Four experts alternates in the program three times a year. They are in charge of physical and mental health programs, art therapy, rehabilitation, music and dance therapy. New topics – bioenergetics and psychotherapy will be included in the fourth cycle in 2017 for the first time.


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