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A wide range of medication is used as a treatment of multiple sclerosis. Even though the disease cannot be cured, the medication can slow down its progress. The treatment is most effective when started in the early stage. The more the treatment is delayed the smaller its effect is.

A complex disease as mutliple sclerosis requires a comprehensive approach. The model of comprehensive MS treatment involves an expertise made by many different healthcare professionals and includes special rehabilitation strategies. Such a rehabilitation can help to deal with the symptoms or slow the disease course, treat relapses, improve function and safety, and have a positive impact on the quality of patient' life. This is the case of physical therapy, emotional health, occupational therapy, cognitive and vocational rehabilitation, therapy of speech and swallowing problems, and more. However, its costs for it are high and Czech health system does not provide MS centres with sufficient means for all essential parts of comprehensive care.

Within 15 years of existence, the IMPULS Endowment Fund has dedicated  the amount of CZK 7,421,052 to the comprehensive treatment of MS patiens.

IMPULS has chosen the path to support the comprehensive care in MS Centres, where hundreds of patients are treated every year. It provides financial means for both group and individual therapy of patients. It reimburses specialists in the field of physical therapy and mental health, it supports various rehabilitation programs. It's not an easy path, it's a big and long-term commitment, commitment to patients and therapists. Therefore, we appeal to you. You can help, too.

Help patients to maintain a good and full life as long as possible. Lets’ contribute to the therapy in MS Centres. Donate now.

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The vast majority of patients hear their diagnosis from neurologists in hospital ambulances, so called MS centres. In the Czech Republic, unlike in other developed countries, these MS Centres are not adequately financed from public means. Often there is a lack of money for basic equipment, rehabilitation tools or therapeutic devices.

Thanks to your donations and profit from charity events the Fund has spent CZK 4,267,192 for equipment and treatment in centres since 2000. Therefore MS Centres could acquire modern adjustable beds, new infusion chairs, full-area transportation equipment for severely disabled patients, modern medical devices (GAITRite, OCT Spectralis) or a range of rehabilitation tools for physiotherapy and ergotherapy. You can help, too.

Contribute to the acquisition of modern rehabilitation tools, and necessary equipment of the MS Centres. Donate now.

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ReMuS Registry for science and research is the only statewide register which collects data about multiple sclerosis, in the Czech Republic.

Multiple sclerosis is a severe disease for which there is no medicine able to cure it yet. Continually new and efficient drugs are being tested abroad. The Czech Republic needs urgently reliable data in order to get these drugs available to our patients as soon as possible. But until 2013, the nationwide MS registry was missing in the Czech Republic.

On the initiative of neurologists and patients Endowment Fund IMPULS took on the daunting task – to establish and manage the unified statewide MS registry. The task was daunting not only for its great range, but also for its considerable financial demands. To bring the desired effect it is necessary to collect and analyze data on the long term base. Such a commitment is very challenging. Only with the help of reliable and long working registry it is possible to move on medical research.

Estimated number of patients with MS in the Czech Republic is 17,000. Almost half of them has joined the registry during first 3 years of its operation. Thanks to all who have supported the Registry in any way.

Would you like to improve the quality of health care, to build a world without multiple sclerosis? Donate now, so that your children don’t have to fear this disease. Be involved!
Donate now.

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vyzkum spectralis 444x330SCIENCE AND RESEARCH

Despite great progress in medicine, we do not have a drug to cure multiple sclerosis, yet. Together with medical authorities we follow the world’s most recent research and advocate its application in the Czech environment.

We contribute to the equipment of research departments; we support collection of clinical data within scientific studies. Since 2013, we have been keeping the ReMuS – the only Registry of MS patients in the Czech Republic.

To scientific research we have released the amount of CZK 9,287,940 during our existence which is 43% of the total endowment contributions. Your donation will help to develop new drugs and treatments as well.

Support scientific work and research studies which examine the cause, side-effects of the disease, or the effects of new preparations. Donate now.

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osveta akce mars 444x330AWARENESS AND EDUCATION

Is multiple sclerosis about forgetting? Or must a patient with multiple sclerosis end up in a wheelchair? … Have you ever heard similar half-truths and myths about MS in your area ? Are you uncomfortable talking about what the disease brings to your everyday life? Are you afraid of misunderstanding or condemnation? Such a situation can be changed. And that is what we try to do. All events and campaigns of the IMPULS have one common goal – to raise awareness about MS among the general public and to help MS people to be accepted the way they are.

Our task is to work actively with the media and to support professionals in their publishing work and education. We organize the prestigious scientific symposium called Jedlička’s Days of Neuroimmunology and Liquorology or the famous exercise Marathon with MS (MaRS).

We publish books and cooperate on charitable activities with students and various communities. We motivate young people to solidarity and social responsibility. And we also motivate the patients themselves to the active approach to the disease giving them and their loved ones courage, optimism and willingness to accept MS in their life. Do you want to help us?

Support our events as a participant, get involved as a partner! Volunteer your time and skills. Donate now.

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